Thursday, April 1, 2010

Review: Sixty Slices of Life…On Wry:The Private Life of a Public Broadcaster by Fred Flaxman

Pub. Date: December 2009
Publisher: Story Book Publishers

Sixty Slices of Life…on Wry is a delightful memoir published by a small press in North Carolina. Fred Flaxman is an award winning writer, public television and radio producer, and public broadcasting executive with a great sense of humor.

Beginning with his dog, Buster, who he credits with teaching him not only responsibility but how to live, and carrying on throughout his adventures in life, Fred brings perspective to everyday life events. His wry sense of humor makes this a quick and enjoyable read. Sixty Slices of Life …on Wry will remind you of those afternoon chats with your father, or your uncle, or maybe your grandfather. It is a warm and witty account that advises against taking life too seriously.

There are plenty of anecdotes to chuckle over and enjoy. Sixty Slices of Life…on Wry is perfect for those of us who wish to enjoy the nostalgia of ‘the good old days’.

Here is a tasty morsel from Sixty Slices of Life…on Wry:

“As we drove along, I heard a strange cracking noise on the right side of the van. Crack, crack, crack, crack. I asked my daughter if she could see what was making the racket.

She looked out the window, then turned back and said to me, perfectly calmly: “Oh Daddy, that’s just the noise the side-view mirrors on the cars make as they snap off when you pass them.””


Den Relojo said...

Is this really a nice book?

Deb said...

It was interesting. The kind of book you read through in an afternoon. If you like nostalgia then you would enjoy it.