Monday, April 5, 2010

In My Mailbox

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Received these books in my mailbox this week:

Good Medicine: A Return to Common Sense by Carol Roberts, M.D.

Attain a Healthier You-Naturally-With this Breakthrough and Doctor-Proven Guide

Filled with the latest thinking on traditional, holistic and alternative care, Good Medicine: A Return to Common Sense represents a sea change in approaching illness and attaining optimal health. This authoritative and easy-to-understand book from renowned Dr. Carol L. Roberts offers a new perspective on how human beings are put together, integrating the physical body and the spirit within. Comprehensive chapters on nutrition, digestion, toxins, heart health and even sex make it easy to customize your own wellness plan. You'll learn:

-How to break the habit of foods that can literally kill you, and replace them with nutrient-rich superfoods (it's easier than you think)

-Why your digestive system is the gateway to optimal health, and how to give it a preventive tune-up
-The man-made toxins that are causing millions to suffer from diseases like asthma and liver damage, and how to get them out of your life
-Secrets to boosting energy and sexual performance that don't require an expensive prescription
-Straight talk on vitamins-what works, why, and how much you should (or shouldn't) be taking
-Why spirituality is as important as traditional medicine, and how to implement the right balance in your own wellness goals

If you're tired of being sick, tired of taking expensive drugs-or just plain tired-this book will show you how to shape your well being with proven, practical techniques.

Happy Hour by Michele Scott

The weekdays may be for real life, but Sundays are for Friendship, good food, and great wine.
Meet the women of Napa.

Kat is a sommelier and co-owner of a restaurant with her chef husband Christian. Although deeply in love, their relationship is facing a series of challenges, including ex-spouses, teenage children, and a surprise visitor who turns Kat's life upside down...Danielle is a vintner who finds herself entrenched in a family crisis when her daughter returns home from college with bombshell news...Jamie is a single mother and editor-in-chief at a wine lover's magazine. her husband's death a few years prior has left her in financial ruins and having to care for a senile but endearing mother-in-law...and Alyssa is an artist and gallery owner. When a tragic event from her past catches up with her. She must face the skeleton in her closet and rearrange her future.

With each woman's life in transition, they'll rely on tight friendships more than ever to get through the difficult times. While surrounding each other with love, support, humor, and strength, the four women pull together each week for their own happy hour. But will friendship be enough to get each woman through her crisis? And what about the secrets that are being kept...?

A Certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi" the Origin of Foreign Words Used in English by Chloe Rhodes
Carpe Diem and Become a Word Connoisseur!
English is filled with a smorgasbord of foreign words and phrases that have entered our language from many sources--some from as far back as the Celts. A Certain "Je Ne Sais Quois," which tells the story of how many of these expressions came to be commonly used in English, will both amaze and amuse language lovers everywhere. You'll be fascinated to learn, for instance, that...

  • ketchup began life as a spicy pickled fish sauce called koechiap in seventeenth-century China?

  • honcho came from the Japanese word hancho, which means squad chief? The word was brought to the United States sometime during the 1940's by soldiers who had served in Japan.

  • dungarees comes from the Hindi word dungri, the thick cotton cloth used for sails and tents in India?

Organised alphabetically for easy reference, A Certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi"  tells the little-known origin of some of these thousands of foreign words and phrases--from aficionado to zeitgeist. Inside, you'll find translations, definitions, origins, and lively descriptions of each item's evolution into our everyday discourse. With this whimsical little book, you'll be ready to throw out a foreign word or phrase at your next party, lending your conversation with, well, a certain je ne sais quoi.

The Overnight Socialite by Bridie Clark

In this beguiling retelling of the classic Pygmalion, we meet Lucy Ellis, a Manhattan transplant who dreams of making it as a fashion designer but instead toils away on a Garment District assembly line. Roading blocked each time she tries to score a break, Lucy is beginning to think the unthinkable: maybe it's time to pack it in and move home to Minnesota. Then, during a torrential downpour, at her most bedraggled and disheartened, Lucy meets Wyatt Hayes IV.

Wyatt -- man-about-town and bored Ph.D. anthropologist -- has just been publicly dissed by New York's reigning socialite, Cornelia Rockman, whom he'd been dating. He boasts to his best friend Trip that he can transform any woman -- even a trailer-born nobody like Lucy -- into this year's "It" girl. "Give me a few months," he tells Trip, "and I could turn her into a social luminary. She'll make the rest of the pack look like dim little tea lights." If Wyatt can fool the East Coast aristocracy into thinking Lucy's the real deal, he can reveal the farce behind Cornelia's social superiority complex . . . and score a career-boosting book deal.

Headstrong Lucy challenges her teacher at every turn, but armed with a made-up pedigree and a wardrobe costlier than most studio apartments, she's soon navigating a world in which the most photographed socialite takes all. Can Lucy survive in a wilderness where no girl wears the same gown twice, the Astors are considered Johnny-come-latelies, and weddings are more lavish than the coronation of Louis XIV? Will she forge the connections needed to make a name for herself in fashion? And can she surmount the schemes and suspicions of her newfound rival, Cornelia?

Three months of rigorous prep and test runs culminate in Lucy's showdown at the Fashion Forum Gala, where she and Wyatt confront the ne plus ultra of society . . . and their unexpected feelings for each other. But the gaps between them -- as well as Wyatt's secret agenda -- may make this improbable couple an impossibility.

Set against the gold-plated world of Manhattan's social elite, The Overnight Socialite puts a witty twenty-first-century spin on a timeless story of transformation and unlikely love.

As you can see I received many good reads this week. Now I have to plan time to read them all. I will be posting reveiws!

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