Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday, Snow (no surprise) and other things.

Of course it was snowing here again today. My husband is sick, and my house needs attention. However, I did manage to make headway in reading The Forgotten Garden. It is a good read so far. Very intriguing. Finished up on a cozy mystery for tomorrow, and I got started on a new mystery for the B&N mystery boards.

What did you do with your Friday? BookJourney got me thinking about get-togethers with girlfriends. I don't have many of those these days. Everyone is busy except for me. Taking time off from the classroom this year has been enjoyable. I have time to read for my own edification and pleasure.

I strolled through blogs this morning and almost got distracted from my books. There are so many interesting memes happening, giveaways, and discussions that I may be distracted the rest of the weekend. Originally I thought I might mention a few of them but feared I might offend the authors. I am interested in incorporating several of these into my blog but will move ahead cautiously. The Friday 56, What are you reading Mondays, Tuesday ???-sorry forgot the term for the moment. What memes do you find interesting? What should I incorporate on this site? And really....What are you reading and why?

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