Sunday, March 21, 2010

In My Mailbox

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I received the following books to review and am expecting a few more this week.

The Caliphate by Andre' Le Gallo

Cover Synopsis:

A radical Muslin group has dedicated itself to the restoration of the Caliphate, a global Muslim empire, and will stop at nothing, including assassination and terrorism, to reach its goal. Steve Church is just a US businessman in Paris. He never expected to be recruited by the CIA as an undercover operative. But now, with his life on the line and with a beautiful woman as part of his cover, Steve is on his way to North Africa--and the terrorists' Saharan headquarters--in a whirlwind adventure that will change the politics of the Middle East.

I picked up two new cozy mysteries this week to add to the collection for upcoming reviews.

Mum's the Word by Kate Collins

This is the first in a series by Kate Collins -A Flower Shop Mystery


So maybe Abby's lfie isn't the bed of roses she was hoping it would be. She adores her job, but a new low-cost competitor is killing her profits--and a black SUV just rammed her vintage Corvette in a hit-and-run. Determined to track down the driver, she accepts the help of hunky ex-cop Marco Salvare. But their budding relationship is threatened when the trail turns deadly. Now Abby is caught in a tangle of menacing phone calls, police corruption, and murderous road rage. If she's not careful, the next flower arrangement might be for her own funeral.....


On What Grounds by Cleo Coyle

Also a first in a series by Cleo Coyle: A coffeehouse mystery

With a sprawling rent-free apartment directly above The Village Blend, her cat Java by her side, and plenty of coffeehouse redecorating ideas, Clare is thrilled to return to work. Until she discovers the assistant manager unconscious in the back of the store, coffee grounds strewn everywhere. Police arrive on the scene to investigate. But when they find no sign of forced entry or foul play, they deem it an accident. Case closed. But Clare is not convinced. And after the police leave, there are a few things she just can't get out of her mind...Why was the trash bin in the wrong place? If this wasn't an accident, is Clare in danger? And...are all detectives this handsome?

Plan to go to the library tomorrow. Who knows what will catch my eye. Any suggestions?????

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