Monday, March 15, 2010

In my Mailbox

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I received the following books to review and am expecting a few more this week.

Sixty Slices of Life....on Wry (The Private Life of a Public Broadcaster) by Fred Flaxman

This is a tongue in cheek memoir full of impractical advise such as what you can learn about life from your dog, how to cure the "teen disease", and a better way to make babies!

Sounds like it could be a fun read. I think we all need some humor every now and then.

and next:

Dancing with Jou Jou by Barbara Louise Leiding

Jacket description:
A roller coaster of a story that begins on a grand country estate. Animals are running freely on the grounds. So is Mason Figg, a con artist with a reputation among the neighborhood ladies for being a spectacular dancer. This talent alone charms his trusting girlfriend, Valentina, who comes to believe that she's as graceful as a swan.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Mason lies as naturally as he breathes. While Valentina slowly figures that out, she narrates a tale about being roped into swindling a pair of lottery winners out of a fortune. After a large, quacking duck spooks her during an attempted diamond heist, one calamity befalls another.

Finally, Valentina wises up--and flees. She's certain that Mason will return to his senses and follow her back home to the city. Then the two of them can lead a normal, happy, and crime-free life. It's a pity that Mason has a few plans of his own.

Swept into the madness is Jafford Ames, a famous tennis celebrity known for his quick wit and fine southern manners. Determined to figure out if Valentina is truly a thief, he offers her a lift, driving a beat up Volkswagen Beetle as camouflage. The paparazzi spot them. Pictures land in the media, causing speculation about the tennis star's latest fling.

Rumors are flying. A media circus sets up. Mason is fuming. So arse the lottery winners whose animals have been curiously let loose. Television cameras broadcast a stampede while reporters interview the neighborhood ladies, all of whom are wearing knock-offs of the elusive diamonds and confessing to being in love with the same man---the one who taught them how to, uh, dance.

This weeks mailbox was full of humor.

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ck.twilighter (Chasity) said...

Wow... that Fred Flaxman book sounds hilarious! and you are so right we do need humor. Lots of it if I had my way!=)

Enjoy your reads!